About Us


I am Ann's sister Janet. Before her death in 2005, we planned what she wanted doing with her art portfolio.

We made a good start in her lifetime albeit on a shoestring. Six high definition prints were made which were to be sold to raise funds for a variety of charities. Our local paper covered the story and we were generously assisted by a local pictureframer who displayed her work for free. Ann saw the article, and had copies of the prints in her room at the nursing home where she died. We donated prints to a number of charity auctions.I have never seen her so happy as she was knowing that her artwork was benefiting others.

Now the work continues and with the enthusiastic support of Juno Media Web Design Nottingham, her artwork, poems and, in the future, her diary, will hopefully bring the dream to reality. From now on, the major portion of funds raised will be devoted to mental health charities and what's more, every penny raised over the internet will go to this cause. We are in the process of creating a registered charity.
We have a dream.

Charities we support


Mind is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales. We work to create a better life for everyone with experience of mental distress.


SAMH, Scotland’s leading mental health charity, works to support people who experience mental health problems, homelessness and addictions.


SANE was established in 1986 following the overwhelming public response to a series of articles featured in 'The Times' newspaper entitled 'The Forgotten Illness'.