Certified Copy of Resolution December 2006

Due to the death of the artist, Elizabeth Ann McMahon in March 2005 the need has arisen to update this document to bring it in line with the current situation.

The Elizabeth Ann McMahon Charity Fund
The aim of this fund is to benefit a number of named charities and causes and to pay tribute to the artist, the prints of whose work are being offered to raise donations to charity. With a legacy left to her sister, Janet Glendinning, a website has been designed to further the original aims of E.A.M.C.F. This website will be fully operational in January 2007.

The Artist
The artist, Elizabeth Ann McMahon created a great number of Karisma crayon drawings of A3 size on black matt paper. It had always been her wish that her artwork should be on display and benefit others. During her lifetime, she encouraged me, Janet Margaret Glendinning, her sister, to proceed with a plan to print and distribute copies of her art portfolio under the understanding that the majority of funds raised should be forwarded to  charities and named causes.

Ann McMahon was born in 1932. During her early years, the family led an interesting life: her father was working in the family company of timber merchants. A nanny was employed as her parents spent a great deal of time abroard. Unfortunately, the Second World War interrupted this idyll as Ann's father joined up and wasn't seen again by the family for five years. Ann's mother was set up in a hotel near Oxford which was immediately requisitioned by the War Office as a base for American troops. On his return from Burma, Basil, Ann's father, found it hard to adjust to civilian life: with the gift of hindsight, he must have been suffering from his traumatic experiences during the war. He was unable to pick up where he keft off, rejecting his close family and seeking refuge in many other ways. Ann found these experiences hard to understand and it created feelings of insecurity in her. Four years later her parents' marriage ended in divorce.

At the age of 14, Ann attended a Waldorf school in Sussex, called Michael Hall School. In the two and a half years of her time there, she developed a love for art which stayed with her throughout her life. On leaving school, she trained as a telephonist in London.

Some years later she met and married Jo McMahon. Mac had trained as a commercial artist but found the pressures of this job too high. Later in life, he became an accomplished painter, with watercolours his chosen medium. Both Ann and Mac turned to art as their chosen form of recreation and Mac was able to assist Ann in her original style of art in many ways. Mental health problems were, unfortunately, shared by the couple but nearly forty years were spent in mutual support and artistic achievement. After Mac's death in 1997, life became a serious struggle for Ann: desperately lonely and increasingly isolated, she continued on with her artwork but without her mentor and, with increasing mental health problems, the scene became very bleak. It was at this time that we created the concept of the Charity Fund and it became reality in Jauary 2004. Unquestionably, Ann's spirits were lifted by this exciting venture which she witnessed personally before her untimely dealth in March 2005.

Charitable Aspects
It is envisaged to offer Ann's prints at a cost of £20.00 to those wishing to donate to a charity featured on the web site. After the deduction of production and shipping costs of £5.00, the remaining £15 will be sent to the named charity. The prints are of excellent quality in sem-gloss

Named Causes
The Fund wishes also to honour the artist's wishes as far as "Named Causes" are concerned. During Ann's lifetime, The Michael Hall Fundraising Initiative, raising funds for the artist's former school, was treated with great generosity and the fixed fee of £20.00 per print was relaxed. Prints were offered at auction in the school's fundraising agenda and all the proceeds of this sale went to the school itself. The Committee wish to reserve the right to greater freedom in the case of named causes to enable those who cannot afford the full price to enjoy the artwork and yet to donate to the favoured cause.

Named Charities to date

Named Causes

Michael Hall Fundraising Initiative

Office Bearers

Chairman George Patrick Glendinning
Secretary Janet Margaret Glendinning
Treasurer Hilary Ann Gloyer

Contact can be made with the secretary in the following ways:

Tel 01343 830932
Website www.eamcf.org.uk